When you enter the doors of Allen Life, you will be warmly and happily greeted by one of our hospitality team volunteers. She may ask if you are a first time guest just to be certain we can serve you properly. We have a guest bag for you with some information and a few gifts.

We have been told that we are "the friendliest church around" and that makes us feel great. So please do not be surprised when others introduce themselves to you, ask how you heard of us, etc. They are simply wanting to get to know you!

After Midweek or Morning Worship, be sure to get your departure gift of one of our t-shirts on your way out.


While the kiddos are in their classes, adults gather in the auditorium that we simply dub, "the classroom" (for adults). We hear informative and insightful lessons from one of our able teachers. We end at approximately 10:30A and "turn the classroom into the prayer room" for about 15 minutes. This helps us take in what we have just heard, and prepare ourselves even more for our Morning Worship. After prayer, the atmosphere changes and we begin to welcome and meet our incoming friends for our 11A gathering. We have classes for all ages! Jump over to "AL Kidz" to get the details.


Morning Worship opens with a welcoming exhortation and immediately moves into one or two songs of praise and worship. Our worship consists of singing, clapping, and words of affirmation and excitement. You may see someone approach the altar (front of the auditorium) as they seek the Lord or desire more space to express their adoration. This is all Biblical and acceptable! After a song or two, we take time to pray for any needs that have been made known (sickness, emotional, financial needs, etc.). As we begin to pray, anyone who desires prayer is invited to approach the front so that the ministers know who to pray for specifically. We believe in "laying hands" upon people when praying for them (James 5:14-15) but this is done cautiously and respectfully.

We then move into another song or two of worship which further prepares our hearts for the preaching of the Word of God.

Our preaching is meant to encourage and uplift individuals, as well as convict our hearts to the point of making positive changes. People respond at times by saying, "Amen!" or even clapping their hands in approval and receiving truth. It is exciting and energetic, but more than anything we want it to be spiritual and anointed!

At the end of the message, another call is made to the altar to respond to the Word of God. No one is ever made to feel like they have to do anything that would make them feel uncomfortable; we simply want to give ourselves wholly unto Jesus.

Our "final act of worship" is to return tithes and give offerings. This is our financial aspect of worship and faithfulness. We are "cheerful givers!" (II Corinthians 9:7).

This concludes our Morning Worship!


We love our Midweek Bible Study as much as our Sunday Morning Worship! However, due to schedules and responsibilities, it is usually a smaller crowd and we are perfectly comfortable with that.

AL Connect begins with a prayer and is followed by one song. We then move right into our Bible study. Topics can be a series or stand-alone lessons that bring better understanding to the Word of God and applicable principles to our everyday lives.

Most of the time, our pastor has created handouts that coincide with the lesson. As well, oftentimes, there are open-ended questions for discussion to help us better relate to and give our thoughts of what has been spoken of.

We end with a closing prayer.

We have tried to give you a good understanding of what attending any of our gatherings. However, we believe that you just have to experience Allen Life Chapel to appreciate it! Viewing us online by Facebook Live, YouTube, or here on our website is a great way to get an idea of who and what we are, but we hope to see you in-person this week!!

Pastor Jason Watts

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